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Bags get sacked

Farmer charges for bags to make ecological point; some customers tell him to get stuffed

By Rex W. Huppke | Chicago Tribune reporter
July 20, 2008

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Natalie Portman Announces New Vegan Shoe Collection

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has announced a new line of shoes in conjunction with Te Casan. The shoes are vegan and 5% of profits will be going to charity.

Check them out here.

Sustainability in Stages

Story by Sydney LeBlanc / Photos by Misha Gravenor

From Dwell

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"Personally, I'd rather be living outside", says architect David Hertz. As a young man surfing in Bali, he was impressed by tropical village compounds where indoors and out flow into each other. "Those houses seemed able to breathe, like plants and flowers."


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